Withdraw VAT on Textile Fabrics - Chamber of Commerce Jeypore

Members of Jeypore Chamber after submitting the memorandum 
Jeypore.June.7:  The Chamber of commerce & Industry Jeypore submitted a memorandum to the sub-collector of Jeypore which is addressed to Mr.Navin Panaik the Chief Minister of Odisha for withdrawal of VAT tax on Textile fabrics. Textile Dealers and ready made garment merchants of Jeypore led by Rajpal Khurana president,  V.Prabhakar general secretary,  Narendhra Behara  vice-president chamber of commerce met  local MLA Rabinarayana Nanda, Sub Collector Niharanjan Das and submitted the memorandums stating that at the time of implementation of VAT the Government of India and Odisha state promised to implement value added tax  in a rationalized manner in all states.Where as all neighbor states have not imposed 4 percent VAT on textile fabrics after removal additional excise duty on cloth and sugar. But Odisha Government alone had imposed a 4 percent VAT on cloth and sugar. For that the textile business effected badly and the consumers purchasing their requirement from neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh and Chatishghar and they requested to withdrawal the VAT on Textiles and garments at the earliest.

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