Devasnana Yatra celebrated with enthusiasm.

Deities in Ganesha dress
Jeypore.June.15: The bathing ceremony of lord Jagannath, Balbhadhra, Subhadhra has been celebrated at Jeypore Jagannath Temple premises on the eve of Jyeshtha Purnima today. The three deities brought out of Garbhagruha of the temple and took out in a traditional procession called Pahandi and placed on Snanavedika. This is the first occasion in the year when the deities are brought out of Garbhaghuha. At snanavedika deities were bathed with sacred water. Thousands of the devotees joined the celebration. The usual ritual continue thereafter in the snana vedika..After Deva snana the deities were dressed like Lord Ganesha. Latter deities were taken back to Temple and placed at a place called Anasara .They remain unseen for 15 days. During the period of seclusion the sevaks will perform rituals of the deities.

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