Raja Vikram Dev Varma.(Special on his 142 Birthday)

Rajasri Vikram Dev varma.
Rajarshi Vikram Dev Varma IV, son of Krishna Chandra Dev and  the last king of Jeypore Kingdom succeeded the throne at the age of 62 by virtue of family settlement entered into with the widow of Raja Ramachandhra Dev IV. He was a great scholar and poet. He was the author of many books in Telugu and Oriya, and lover of art and music. He established the Vikram Art and Craft school at Jeypore which is the first Art School in Orissa. He was an ardent lover of education. He was donating 1 Lack rupees to the Andhra University  Visakhapatnam annually.  He was also pro-chancellor of the Andhra University which conferred on him the Honorary degree of D.Lit., Kalaprapurna and Sahitya Samrat. The Jeypore  Vikram Dev collage of science and Technology in Andhra University Visakhapatnam is the crowning part of his philanthropy. The buildings and hostel of Jeypore V.D collage were donated by him. In 1935 he was adopted Ramachandra Dev the second son of his only daughter as heir and successor to Jeypore Estate. Vikram Dev born on 28th June1869 at Parvatalapet in Srikakulam Dist. Andhrapradesh. His father Krushnachandra Dev was brother of Ramchandra Dev who ruled Jeypore kingdom from 1860 to1889. The Raja Ramachndra Dev denied  the ruler status. Krishnachandra Dev lived in a small village Parvatalapeta on the bank of Vamsadhara. Vikram Dev started his education in an ordinary Telugu medium school and smelting in English and Oriya languages. At the age of 7 Vikram Dev was adopted by the first queen Sita Pattamahadevi of Raja of  Madugula in Andhrapradesh, a former principality of Nandapur Kingdom. His mother passed away after 3 years and the adoption of challenged by the first queen of the Raja Krushna Bupati of Madugula.The case being lost at the lower court. his father Krushna Chandra Dev appealed in Madras High Court against the order. The High Court was short-lived and was quashed by the Privy Council of England. By the order the elder queen Sita Devi ruled Madugula and was succeeded by the Neelabni Devi's only daughter Amma Devi. With that order all ties with Madugula were snapped and the disheartened Vikram Dev switched over to Visakhapatnam for a future carrier. Then he appealed to the Maharaja Ramachandra Dev III for a sanction of money for maintenance his life. The Maharaj Ramachandra Dev passed away in1889 and his minor son Vikram Dev III  was brought up in the custodial care of the Words Agent and he was favoured with a monthly grant of  INR 350.00.  He died at the age of 82 on 14th April 1951 at Jeypore.

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