Two persons arrested in dowry case

Vishal and Goutham  in Police custody.
Jeypore. June.17: The Kolkota Police has arrested Goutham Sony Jain and his son Vishal Rai Sony Jain in dowry case here in Jeypore. According to police Banita Rai Sony Jain married Vishal Roy Soy in 2005 as per Hindu customs. She blamed that her husband Vishal & father-in-law Goutam harassing her physically and mentally and also demanding money from time to time. Mrs Banita rai Sony lodged a complaint at Kolkata Amar street police station on Mrch 2011. Police registered a dowry and torture case. Kolkata police directed one police team to Jeypore to arrest Banita's husband and Father-in-law. The team came to Jeypore on Wednesday arrested the accused and  produced before Cheif Juditioal Magistrate of Jeypore. Court rejected the bail plea of the accused and ordered ten days judicial remand. According to the sources Goutam Jain was admitted in hospital on health grounds.

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