Jeypore Shia Sect mourns on death anniversary of First Imam Hazrat Imam Ali

Jeypore Shia Sect mourning procession
Jeypore August 22: To commemorate the Death Anniversary of the First Imam of the Shia Sect Hazrat Imam Ali, the Shia Muslims of Jeypore town took out a mourning procession from Hyderabad Street to Welcome Junction on Monday 22 August 2011.
Hundreds of people came from undivided Koraput district took part in the procession and performed special prayers and Namaz. 
Self  beatings by youth
Prayers and chest beatings by Muslim youth
Mourning procession to commemorate death anniversary of First Imam
First Imam Hazrat Imam Ali was assassinated in the year 40 A.H on the 21st Ramadan day at the age of 63 years, in the Mosque at Kufa by an assassin Ibn Muljam Al-Muradi. Jeypore Shia Muslim Association President Moulana Mohammad Naqvi and Koraput district minorities cell president Hasan Madani told that the Muslim community organised this procession to condemn such barbaric incidents at holy places and Shia Sect of Jeypore vows to fight against terrorism on this day.

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