New Directors for Jeypore Chamber of Commerce & Industry elected uncontested.

Jeypore.August.6: Twenty one persons were elected uncontested as directors of the Jeypore Chamber of Commerce and Industry for 2011-12. According to Mr.V.V.B.Gupta Election Officer of the chamber, total 24 nominations were filed for 21 director posts in which three nominations were withdrawn later.
So the remaining candidates declared as elected uncontested. Mr A.Sahadev Rao, Mr.A.Srinivasa Rao, Mr.Anil Kumar Soni, Mr.Balaji Ananda Pandey, Mr.Balaram Das, Mr.D.Madhav, Mr.Jami Laxman Rao, Mr.Jami Ramesh, Mr.Jami Rajesh, Mr.K.Ramakrishna, Mr.Mangilal Shah, Mr.Narendhra Behara, Mr.Narendhra kumar Mahanty, Mr.R.Laxminarayana, Mr.Rajpal Khurana, Mr.Ravva Ramakrishna, Mr.S.K.Dhaka, Mr.Sashibhushan Rao Patnaik, Mr.V.Prabhakar rao, Mr.Satish Kumar Parto and Mr.Y.S.Khanna are the newly elected directors.

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