Raksha Bandhan celebrated with love and affection

Brahma Kumari Jayanti tying the Rakhee to a prisoner
Jeypore August 14:  Raksha Bandhan shows the pure bond of affection and love between a brother and sister, which is one of the deepest and noblest human emotions. This festival is observed on the full moon day of Shravana Masam. "Rakhee" means a bond of protection. It's a divine festival in which, sisters tie threads (Rakhee) to their bothers.
If a woman tie Rakhee to any man, then it's his religious duty to protect that woman. The man would put his life at stake to protect the honor of that woman. Festivals like "Raksha Bandhan"  help us to induce fellow feeling, ease out strained relations,  give ways for communication and bring delight to monotonous lives.
Brahma Kumari Jayanti tying the Rakhee to Jail Superintend 
Brahma Kumari Jayanti tying Rakhee to Journalist
Every year people of  Jeypore celebrate "Raksha Bandhan"  with great enthusiasm. This year on the eve of Raksha Bandhan on 13th August,  many organizations organized various programs across the town to celebrate the festival. Members of OM Shanti Brahma Kumari organization visited Jeypore Sub Jail  to tie Rakhees to prisoners. OM shanti Brahma Kumari organizer, Brahama Kumari Jayanti tied Rakhees to prisoners in sub jail and offered sweets to them.She also tied Rakhees to Jail Superintend Sreedhar Kumar Sen, Retired Officer Mr Nageswara Rao and many journalists. Brahma Kumari's Saraswati, Monalisa, Mondala Boyi, Padmalaya and Brahma Kumar's Durga Prasad Sahu, Balaji, Hare Krishna, Jogya Prasad Singh, Sredhar, Madhuranandh Sahu tied Rakhees to prisoners and offered sweets. 
Tunni Khora tying Rakhhe to her brother Dileep Khora
Heeramani Sahu tying Rakhee to her brother Prafulla Sahu
Rashtreeya Swayam Sevak (RSS) Sangh celebrated "Raksha Bandhan" in a traditional manner. Members of the organization tied Rakhees to many people of the town. Many girls and women came to sub jail to tie Rakhees to their brothers,  who are presently undergoing their sentence there. On request by journalists jail authorities allowed the women to tie Rakhees to their brothers. Ms. Tunni Khora tied Ralhee to her brother Mr Dileep Khora with tearful eyes. Emotional scenes were witnessed when sisters tied Rakhees to their prisoner brothers. 

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