Rallies, torch processions in support of Anna Hazere

Torch procession in support of Anna Hazare at Borigumma
Borigumma August 20: Support for Anna Hazare's anti corruption crusade has spread to rural areas as reports of rallies, torch processions pouring in from all over the Koraput district. People form different walks of  life coming forward and extending their support to Anna Hazare.
Borigumma people showing their support for Anna
On Friday night hundreds of people organised a rally and took out a torch procession supporting Anna Hazare in Borigumma. Youth with lighted torches and waving national flags, shouting anti government slogans, demanding implementation of Jan lokapal bill marched in the procession led by advocates Lalu Shodangi, Prasanna Kumar Mohanty, G.Murali, Raj Singh, S Sundaram, G. Mohan Dora and Tinku Dora. 
Borigumma youth procession
An email bearing signatures of Koraput Citizen Council President Bimod Panigrahi, Vice-Presidents Tejeswar Panda, Naveen Nayak, General Secretary G Mahesh, Joint Secretaries S. Murali, Jyoti Ranjan Pujarai, Advisers Digambar Gomango, RN Panigrahi, Simhachal Nayak and Treasurer N.Dilleswara Rao,  sent to United Nations requesting UN intervention in the matter by Koraput District Citizen Council. 

Input and Photos: Mr. Dora, Borigumma

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