This Day in Indian History - Papadahandi Massacre on 24 Aug 1942

Exactly 69 years ago on 24 August 1942
Papadahandi Massacre 
The Shaheed Smarak Pillar at the massacre sight was built
in the memory of freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives on 24 August 1942 
Jeypore Times. August 24: During the Quit India Movement exactly 69 years ago,  on 24 August 1942, the indiscriminate firing on freedom fighters by the unruly British police, at the banks of Turi river near Papadahandi in which 19 people lost their lives, hundreds arrested and unknown number of people washed away in the flood waters of Turi river for the sake of freedom. This barbaric incident often termed as another "Jallianwala Bagh  Massacre" in the history of Orissa.

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