Wisdom Library Inaugurated

MLA Rabi Narayan Nanda inaugurating the Wisdom Library
Jeypore August 16: Jeypore has a rich history in India and it's our responsibility to communicate it to the future generations, said Member of Legislative Assembly Jeypore Mr. Rabi Narayan Nanda.
On the eve of 64th Independence day he inaugurated 'Wisdom Library" in Town Planning Hall Jeypore on Monday.  History is the foundation for future and if we forget history our future is going to be in dark, he expressed his views. 
Mr Nanda referring books in the library
Libraries are the best resources to know about history and it's very essential to protect and develop them, he added. Mr Nanda praised Mr Prabhudan Botra for establishing the Wisdom Library and offered every possible help to develop the library. He urged all the citizens of Jeypore to donate at least one book each to the library. Founder of the library  Mr Prabhudan Botra, Jeypore Urban Cooperative Bank Chairman Mr. Ramakant Roulo, Jeypore BJD president Mr. Ramakant Mishra took part among others.

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