Dengue causes panic

Doctors discussing about dengue
Jeypore September 7: A panic situation has created among people after hearing rumors about a girl patient, whose blood sample was tested dengue positive in a private laboratory here on Tuesday.
At a meeting held  in Jeypore Municipal Council Hall to discuss about the on rise dengue fever,  prominent doctors of Jeypore expressed their views on the prevention of dengue disease. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar Sahu, District Malaria Prevention Officer said, dengue was first detected in the state last year in Malkangiri district and six people died of the fever. At present dengue spread to many districts and creating panic among the people. Dengue fever is caused by Aedes mosquito bite and these mosquitoes are found in large numbers in Koraput district and Jeypore sub division. These mosquitoes breed on stagnant water deposits like water in flower pots, tyre tubes, buckets and water tanks etc. 
Attended people
He further added that, in Orissa state, only the Burla and Cuttack medical college laboratories are equipped with necessary equipment to identify dengue infection and if they failed to detect the disease the blood samples have to be sent to Patna or Pondicherry laboratories for further confirmation. Speaking on rumors about a girl patient who has been tested positive of dengue virus in a private laboratory,  which created panic among the people, he told that she is actually infected with Malaria virus and her blood samples confirmed that. He urged various NGOs like SEEWA, Chiranjeevi Cultural Association to create awareness among people about dengue. Jeypore Sub Divisional Medical Officer, Dr.B.B Tripathi, District Additional Medical Officer, Dr. Kali Prasad  Behera, ADM Dr. M .Chowdhury, Health Officer Dr.Sarkar, Dr.R.M.Mishra, Dr.Durga Patra, Municipal Vice Chairman Suryanarayan Rath, Several Municipal Councilors and prominent persons of Jeypore took part in the conference. 

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