Red worms in Jeypore PHD tap water causes health scare in town

A red worm in Jeypore PHD tap water
Jeypore. September 14: Residents of  post office junction area in Jeypore were in for some wiggly shocks on Wednesday when they greeted with the sight of red worms in the water flowing from Public Health Department (PHD) water taps.
Shocked people informed Jeypore Times about the situation faced by the residents. They complained that the water has been absolutely filthy for past few days. Not only it is unfit for drinking we can't even use it for bathing and washing clothes, they told. A number of complaints similar in nature have come from other parts of the town. It was found that the water coming from the taps which are adjacent to the drains are mostly contaminated. 
Residents of post office area showing the tap water
In some parts of the town, the water pipes are very old and the distribution lines passing through sewer lines and open drains are aggravating the chances of  water contamination due to seepage of the sewage in the pipes. The contaminated water add more woes to the worsening town's sanitary situation. The contaminated water causes a major health scare in town. The people are more worried and demanded immediate action on the issue. The officials of Public Health Department (PHD), Jeypore informed the media that, they are working over the complaint and taking immediate action to solve the problem. 

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