Traffic chaos on NH-43 between Jeypore and Koraput

Heavy machine which caused traffic chaos on NH-43
Jeypore September 11: Traffic on the NH-43 highway between Koraput and Jeypore was held up over seven hours on Sunday morning,  when a heavy vehicle got struck on the ghat road connecting Koraput and Jeypore.
Few days back a heavy traffic jam was caused at the same spot due to breakdown of a heavy machine truck carrier. The broken down truck was moved from the spot leaving the heavy machine behind. On Sunday morning another heavy goods carrier got struck at the same spot while trying to cross the heavy machine which was left on the highway since the incident. The vehicles from both sides were held up over seven hours and commuters between Jeypore and Koraput have suffered a lot. Many suffered commuters have complained that severe traffic jam incidents are becoming more frequent on NH-43 highway especially on ghat roads between Sunki to Chandili via Koraput. Despite several complaints neither the local administration nor the state government has initiated any steps in this regard.  The NH-43 which is covering 152 kms from Andhra Paradesh to Chattisgarh border and considered as the lifeline of South Orissa region, is in very bad shape especially in Orissa region, as the Orissa State Public Works Department has failed to maintain this important road as per the norms fixed by the Government of India.

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