"Tarun Pragya Bharati" launches competitions on traditional events

"Tarun Pragya Bharati" press conference 
Jeypore.october.24: A month long competitions on traditional events organised by the "Tarun Pragya Bharati" Jeypore, was launched here on Sunday.
According to Dr. Gangadhar Nanda, the founder of  the organisation, the "Tarun Pragya Bharati" was established twenty years back to protect and promote Indian as well as Odiya traditional culture and events like Surya Namaskar, Huli Huli, Sankha Nadham. Addressing a press meet he said, the ancient culture and traditions of the country are vanishing day by day. The aim of the "Tarun Pragya Bharati" is not only to promote sports and cultural activities but also to search and encourage the hidden talent he added. A month long competition was started on 23rd October 2011 and will end on 20th November 2011. President of the organisation, Mr.Rama Krishna Sahu and Secretary Mr.M.Behara were also spoke on aims and objectives of the "Tarun Pragya Bharati" among others. 

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