Polythene ban in Jeypore

Municipal Chairperson Mrs.Geeta Nanda addressing the meeting 
Jeypore.December.12: The Jeypore Municipality authorities has been imposed the ban on Polythene bags and other articles made by polythene of less than 40 microns from 9th of this month.
The decision was announced at a meeting held in municipality council conference hall. The meeting was presided by the Municipal Chairperson Mrs.Geeta Nanda.The Dy.Collector cum the Executive Officer of the municipality Mr.Ajit Kumar Mallik has explained about the decision of the High Court on imposing ban of Polythene. He said that the municipal authorities will strictly observe the court orders.
Attended councilors 
Health Officer Dr.K.K.Sarkar checking the polythene 
Seized polythene 
Health Officer Dr.K.K.Sarkar said that the polythene is very dangerous substance and it will create environment problems and water crises because the polythene can not decompose even after 500 years. He urged the people not to sell or use polythene in any form. If any body found manufacturing, selling are using below 40 micron polythene they could be prosecuted under section 15 of environment (Protect) act 1986, which has a jail term of  5 years and penalty of rupees one lakh he added. The municipal authorities  also conducted raids on polythene shops and seized large quantity of polythene goods.

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