Rotary club of Jeypore  impact
Aman khuran lighting  the lamp

Ravva Ramkrishna president lighting the lamp.

Eminent dignitaries on the dies 

Certificate presenting to Khuran 

Rotary certificate presenting 

Attend guests

Flag presenting
Jeypore.March.16.Rotary club of Jeypore impact has been instalated  on Saturday night at Vedica  lane Jeypor. 360 District Governor of Rotary  Dr.Ashok Kumar Singh, attended as chief guest. He announced that  the newly formed Rotary club of Jeypore impact has been installed and it will funtion from to-day on wards.. Rotarian Ravva Ramakrishna president Jeypore Rotary  handedover the international Rotary Certificate to  the Rotarian Aman Khurana president  newly formed Rotary club of Jeypore impact. Rotarian N.Ananda Rao, Secretary Rotn. Ashok  Agarwal secretary GSR,  Rot. Jami Ramesh  Assistant Governor, Rotn. Rajpal Khurana Past president, 1st Laddy of Rotary  Neelam Sing Rotn, S.v.Ramana spoke on  ethics and objects of the Rotary  among others. Past presidents and senior Rotarians from Jeypore, Nowrangpur, Chattishghad also prarticipated.

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