Launching of Vikash Maha Sangha- a Grass Root Institution

Jeypore.May.28th. M.S. Swaminathan Research foundation has been doing development activities in the field of on-farm and off-farm activities linking science for sustainable development in Jeypore area since 13 years. They have received many awards and rewards for such achievements. Today a function has been organized to connect backward and forward linkages for creation of a volatile market to the produce and add value; a business platform has been formed in the name of VIKASH MAHA SANGHA (VIMAS) registering under company act.     Dr. Narayan Hegde, Chairman of BAIF foundation and MSSRF-Trustee inaugurated the VIKASH MAHA SANGHA. The LOGO of this grass roots institution has been launched by Padma Shri. Ajay Parida, the Executive Director of MSSRF, Chennai. It is aimed at creation of the apex level organisation by amalgamating the Farmers groups, Farmers clubs and Self Help Groups The VIMAS will provide Finance facility for procurement, processing, marketing or other activities by extending  credit facilities or any other financial services to its Members. Improve the livelihood condition of the members through sustainable production and provide value chain interventions.  Create awareness through capacity building on health, education, sanitation, savings etc. The entire program has been monitored by Sri. K.U.K.Nampoothir and S.V.Raman with the help of other staffs of the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation. Now there are 660 members in VIMAS and aiming at more than 1000 by end of the year.


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